Boost that Collagen

Did you know that leafy greens and citrus play a vital role in collagen synthesis? 40% of your skin care routing comes from what you eat, 40% is from the skin care creams you use and the rest is of course, genetics!

Skin Elasticity is connected to Collagen and helps keep the lining in your face in tact to keep you from wrinkling up like a prune!

Oysters are filled with zinc and copper that activate molecules to stimulate collagen!

Meats are made with essential amino acids that make up collagen. We will provide you an awesome recipe below on how to make a quick smoothie or drink made of pure collagen that is great for your skin, hair and nails!

Vitamin C is also anti-oxidant that helps you keep your skin from damaging and helps you glow like a goddess. Broccoli, red peppers, oranges are great citrus like veggies that help your body boost the collagen synthesis.

In a crock pot: Put your last night’s dinner ( bones from your chicken, steak, fish ect) inside, throw in some parsley, 3 carrots, 2 dates and some water. Leave your crockpot to cook for 24 hours. The juice that is made afterwards is 100% pure collagen. That is considered liquid gold for me! It tastes good! Drink that and within 12 hours, you will feel stronger, rejuvenated and your skin will appear smoother.

After you have tried this recipe, be sure to put our 24K Caviar Cream all over your face and rub in that Collagen Stimulator!

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